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Apr 2014       Immigration News Alert: Fair consideration framework and foreign worker quotas
Mar 2014       Changes to tax concession rules relating to employer’s contributions to overseas pension / social security schemes
Mar 2014       Immigration Newsletter: Fair Consideration Framework - Further guidance on mandatory advertising, Streamlining of Employment Pass Sub-Categories and Enhancement of card registration services at the Employment Pass Services Centre
Mar 2014       Immigration News Alert: Streamlining of employment pass sub-categories and enhancement of card registration services at the Employment Pass Services Centre
Feb 2014       2014 Budget commentary on the Central Provident Fund and personal tax changes plus more
Jan 2014       Fair consideration framework - Further guidance on mandatory advertising
Dec 2013       Immigration Newsletter: Fair Consideration Framework implementation, increased Employment Pass (Q1 Pass) income threshold and greater scrutiny of Employment Pass applications
Nov 2013       Archived webcast: International assignment services - Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Myanmar
Nov 2013       Important changes to the rules on employer-provided accommodation
Oct 2013       Fair consideration framework – Is it fair enough?
Sep 2013       Fair consideration framework announced for Singapore employment passes
Sep 2013       Immigration Newsletter: Turnover details required prior to work pass application and new S Pass card delivery process
Jul 2013       Deemed exercise rule on share-based compensation: Reassessment of income
tax – the why and how?

Jul 2013       Equity Remuneration Incentive Scheme (All Corporations and SMEs)
Jun 2013       Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident
Jun 2013       Enhancement of the voluntary disclosure programme
Jun 2013       Immigration Newsletter: Employment Pass framework to be tightened further
Mar 2013       Immigration Newsletter: Singapore Budget 2013
Feb 2013       Budget 2013
Jan 2013       Further clarification on taxation of employer-provided insurance coverage
Dec 2012       Relaxation of tax clearance requirements for equity partners
Dec 2012       Immigration Newsletter: Singapore announced changes to Personalised Employment Pass
Nov 2012       Changes to Personalised Employment Pass
Oct 2012       Taxation of employer-provided insurance coverage
Sep 2012       Assurance program and voluntary disclosures
Sep 2012       Immigration Newsletter: Singapore reviews the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, implemented changes to Training Employment Pass and tightened dependant privileges for work pass holders

Publications prior to Sep 2012 have been archived.