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Dec 2014       Immigration update: Employment Pass issuance must be requested before commencement of work - In-Principle Approval no longer sufficient 
Dec 2014       Becoming a Singapore permanent resident 
Nov 2014       Webcast: Update on global mobility - Singapore, mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia
Nov 2014       Important changes to tax filing requirements for short term business visitors 
Oct 2014       Immigration update: Deadline for personalised employment pass holders is fast-approaching 
Aug 2014       Immigration update: Fair Consideration Framework - The new mandatory requirement comes into force 
Aug 2014       Immigration update: Posting to a subsidiary - Change to employment pass process 
Jul 2014       Immigration update: The Ministry of Manpower announces further details on the mandatory advertising requirement under the Fair Consideration Framework 
Jun 2014       Immigration News Alert: Fair consideration framework 
Apr 2014       Immigration News Alert: Changes to Long Term Visit Pass for common-law spouses 
Apr 2014       Immigration News Alert: Fair consideration framework and foreign worker quotas  
Mar 2014       Changes to tax concession rules relating to employer’s contributions to overseas pension / social security schemes  
Mar 2014       Immigration Newsletter - Recent immigration regulatory updates in Singapore 
Feb 2014       Budget Commentary 2014 
Jan 2014       Fair consideration framework - Further guidance on mandatory advertising  
Nov 2013       Important Changes to the rules on Employer-provided Accommodation  
Oct 2013       Fair consideration framework – Is it fair enough?  
Sep 2013       Fair consideration framework announced for Singapore employment passes  
Jul 2013       Deemed exercise rule on share-based compensation: Reassessment of income tax – the why and how?  
Jul 2013       Equity Remuneration Incentive Scheme (All Corporations and SMEs)  
Jun 2013       Enhancement of the voluntary disclosure programme 

Publications prior to Jan 2013 have been archived.